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We understand time is of the essence. There are times in your life you simply can no longer make the mortgage payments, lot payments, car payments, and you need to sell your home, and FAST! That’s exactly what we do!

STOP, now we are not talking about these “Get Rich Quick” Slimy places like:

First of all, their company name is insulting and demeaning. Beyond that they prey upon people in tough times, many companies that offer you quick cash, no closing costs, they buy all properties sort of companies are the worst! PLUS they have no idea on a mobile home. In the end you will lose $1000’s and $1000’s of dollars.

This is where we come in, ALL we do is deal in mobile and manufactured homes; 24/7/365. We can and will offer you a solution that makes sense for you, your family, your financial needs, and us. Look, it has to make sense for everyone, right?

Fill out the simple form below and one of our mobile home specialists will contact you within a business day. It will be an experience you won’t forget. We will:

  • Give you a fair appraisal amount on your home.
  • Obtain a payoff figure
  • Let you know how much longer you home may sit on the market
  • Assist in the sales process if necessary of your home
  • Or buy your home outright, within a few business days

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