Let's face it, financing a mobile home can be difficult.  Finding the right lender, bank, or credit union that will NOT charge outrageous fees, interest rates, and closing costs can almost be impossible.  That was until now.....

Mobile Home Community is proud to be working with 3 direct lenders!  Lending in all 50 states!  Providing the best in finance for mobile home owners, looking to:

-  Financing for mobile homes only in a park!  BOTH purchase and refinance.

-  Purchase a Land/Home Package from a dealer or individual.

-  Refinance an existing Land/Home Mortgage.

-  Refinance and payoff bills with an existing Land/Home Mortgage.

You don't have to suffer with a high mortgage payment on your mobile home, anymore!  Take 2 minutes, fill out the information below and a mobile home professional from Mobile Home Community will be in contact with you right away!  Why overspend by $300.00 a month on mortgage, save money immediately:

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