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Mobile Home Community the site was started out of a real need for mobile home owners, communities, dealers, and service providers.  Without being overly critical, the landscape of mobile home websites, is sub-par to the say the least. Companies have thrown together the cheapest possible websites, as there was no real competitor in the market. Guess what?  That has all changed!

Mobile Homes, are the second largest demographic in the United States and a close third in Canada.  That means in the US there are more mobile home dwellers than renters of Homes, Apartments, and Condo’s.  Yet, the sites and services that are offered are just plain bad!

Mobile Home Community is the TESLA and UBER of the Mobile Home world.  Teaming with real companies like Google, YouTube, the USA Today, Flip My Mobile Home, Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist we are making mobile homes, mobile home ownership, and all those that serve the industry, sexy again!  Bringing life to one of the most important, but underserved demographics in the North America; the Mobile Home Industry!

So whether you are looking for a new park or community.  Whether you are looking for buy and sell items safely, cheaply, locally.  Whether you are looking for a loan.  Whether you want to upgrade your mobile home or buy a new or used mobile home, this is the spot!  PLUS, we want your voice:

“Every transaction is critical we want you to rate and review products, services, and companies!  Unlike the site Angie’s List or My Guy, they charge you an arm and leg for information.  Not here.  You rate, review, rant, or rave, but information is ALWAYS free.”

Mobile Home Community is more than a site or marketplace, it is home.  Your home.  Welcome Home!

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